The light-weight WOLFCOM Vision offers many advanced features that officers prefer including small size, a rotatable lens, a point of view camera, Critical Re-Connect technology and durable aluminum casing.  For pricing questions contact: (626) 794-9000 ext. 119

WOLFCOM VISION Police Body Camera

WOLFCOM Vision™ Police Body Worn Camera System

The WOLFCOM Vision™ weighs 2.2 oz, has Critical Reconnect Technology, rotatable lens, aircraft grade aluminum casing and 1080P video quality.

WOLFCOM Evidence Management Solution Software

The WOLFCOM Evidence Management Solution is a robust and flexible digital evidence management solution that can manage your video assets, photos, audio files, and documents. A user, with proper rights and privileges, will be able to tag, view, verify integrity of the asset, generate an audit trail report, and automatically purge the files based on the department’s retention policies.


It can be used in the vehicle or inside the station.
Connects to PC for transferring files and charging.
Can be used to dock up to three WOLFCOM Vision™ cameras (sold separately) or use it to dock one Vision camera and extended battery packs.


It connects directly to the WOLFCOM Vision™ for a total of 6.5 hours of recording time. The extended battery pack can also be connected to each other for additional recording time. Two of the battery packs connected to the Vision camera will give you a total of 10.5 hours. Three will give you 14.5 hours of recording time. Weighs only 1.2 ounces each

The Eye Vision™

The Point Of View (POV) camera with built-in microphone, can be clipped on to the user’s sunglasses, safety or prescription glasses, allowing the unit to see and record in the direction his/her head is facing. Once the Eye Vision camera is plugged into the WOLFCOM Vision™ A/V port, the main camera on the Vision is deactivated and all audio and video recording is taken from the external Eye Vision POV Camera. The same camera can also be clipped onto a baseball cap, hat, helmet, or shirt collar.

Point of View (POV) Head Vision™ headset camera

The Point of View (POV) Head Vision™ headset camera with built-in microphone can be worn comfortably on the head and will not fall off during a foot pursuit. The headset connects directly to the WOLFCOM Vision™. For maximum comfort, the user can choose to clip the Vision camera to his/her uniform or on the belt.


Need Night Vision? Connect the WOLFCOM Night Vision™ camera with built-in microphone to the Vision camera and clip onto your pen pocket. The Vision camera then clips onto your belt for a low profile look. Night Vision infrared LED’s can be activated with a push of the button. The range of the Night Vision is 20 feet or more in total darkness.