Community Groups Donate Cameras to Cedar Falls Police Department

Cedar Falls PD Body Camera Donation

Cedar Falls PD receives donation for police body cameras from Kaplin University Criminology Club.

CEDAR FALLS, IA – Several individuals and community groups gave donations to the Cedar Falls Police Department in assisting of the purchasing 15 WOLFCOM VISION body cameras including the Kaplan University Criminology Club.

“As more and more police departments consider acquiring police body cameras, they come to appreciate the quality and features of our WOLFCOM VISION. The Cedar Falls Police Department did detailed research and chose our VISION for a reason. We design and manufacture the best most cost effective police body cameras on the market today because we understand when it comes to police equipment, quality, durability and cost are important factors. We make the best body cameras for police because cops deserve the best!” said WOLFCOM Founder Peter Austin Onruang.

Captain Mike Hayes helped organize his department’s police body camera program. “We decided to get body cameras in response to what’s going on across the country, mainly for officer and civilian safety. We formed a committee to study police body cameras and they researched for about 7 months. We tested out body cameras including the WOLFCOM VISION. It was a combination of price, picture quality and setup that made us decide on the WOLFCOM VISION,” said Hayes.

“The officers who tested the cameras liked the WOLFCOM VISION’s small size, the clarity of picture, and we loved the rotatable lens. A majority of the officers prefer to wear the body cameras on their chest area of their uniform,” said Hayes.