Registered Agency Profile: City of Parker Pennsylvania Police Department

parker-city-policeRegistered Agency Profile: City of Parker Pennsylvania Police Department

Agency Donation Effort Contact: Mayor McCall

Link: Department Website 

Number of Officers: 2

Body Camera Goal: 2

Registration Statement: City of Parker is the “smallest city in Pennsylvania” and maybe in the USA. Our city’s budget is just over $160,000 and the police budget is at $22,000. Parker is made up of over 51% of low income citizens.

Why has your department decided to start a body camera program?
Mayor McCall: The Parker Police Department is considering the use of body cameras because of everything that is going on in this country. Police Officers are being accused of multiple things like police brutality or unbecoming actions and deeds.

How do you believe a body camera program will benefit your officers, department and the community?
Mayor McCall: The camera will diffuse many situations where the public and the police interact.

Are there any situations where having body camera video evidence would have made a difference in court cases or complaints against your officers?
Mayor McCall: Our police officers have had to deal with “He said, She said” in court, the city has never lost a case because of it. With a body camera we can operate at 100% and not worry about unsubstantiated complaints.

Does your department have guidelines for a body camera policy? If so, what would the policy be? When would officers be required to record, etc.?
Mayor McCall: The city doesn’t have guidelines on body camera use. But if we are lucky enough to get one or two, we will adopt one.