Registered Agency Profile: Moore Township Constable Office

Moore Township Constable Patch

Registered Agency Profile: Moore Township Constable Office

Agency Donation Effort Contact: Roy Truss

Link: Department Facebook

Number of officers: 2

Body camera goal: 2

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Registration Statement: Moore Township is a large, rural community containing 38 square miles in north-central Northampton County, Pennsylvania. The constable’s office is a part of the executive branch of the court and is responsible for serving warrants for the minor court system such as legals and domestic warrants.

Why has your department decided to start a body camera program?
Roy Truss: To protect our officers and the community.

How do you believe a body camera program will benefit your officers, department and the community?
Roy Truss: It would allow us to better protect our community and officers.

Are there any situations where having body camera video evidence would have made a difference in court cases or complaints against your officers?
Roy Truss: No, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Does your department have guidelines for a body camera policy? If so, what would the policy be? When would officers be required to record, etc.?
Roy Truss: Yes, we do. The policy would be that they would record at first interaction.