Registered Agency Spotlight: Milford Texas Police Department


Registered Police Department Spotlight: Milford Police Department

Police Chief: Chief Carlos Phoenix

Department Donation Effort Contact: Chief Carlos Phoenix

Number of Officers: 3

Body Camera Goal: 3

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Why has your department decided to start a body camera program?
Chief Phoenix: To protect our officers and citizens. The body camera doesn’t lie, so we need them to record what happens when our officers are away from their cars.

How do you believe a body camera program will benefit your officers, department and the community?
Chief Phoenix: It will allow people to see exactly what goes on with our officers’ interactions with the public and in a crisis officers will have a first eye view recording of what happened.

Are there any situations where having body camera video evidence would have made a difference in court cases or complaints against your officers?
Chief Phoenix: We had an incident a month ago where a guy was in an accident and our officer was interviewing him away from the squad car and the guy started yelling and cusing at our officer. He later turned it around and filed a complaint saying that the officer was yelling and cusing at him. Luckily for the officer, another officer had arrived on the scene and was standing right behind the guy who complained and witnessed what happened. He was able to clear the officer of the complaint, but if that other officer wasn’t there, it would have just been the citizen’s word vs. our officers. A body camera would have captured exactly what was said and left no room for doubt.

Does your department have guidelines for a body camera policy? If so, what would the policy be? When would officers be required to record, etc.?
Chief Phoenix: Yes, we do have an existing body camera policy, but since we don’t have body cameras yet, it’s just a piece of paper. We’ll implement it once we get our body cameras.